Fulfilling your needs… and beyond

At Deschênes, we’re passionate about what we do and our team understands the realities that you face every day. It is always a pleasure for us to manage your orders and in turn, offer solutions that will exceed your expectations. That’s why we are committed to offering a full range of services.

Ordering services
From early in the morning to late in the evening, we’re good and ready to take your orders in person or by telephone, email or fax.

Estimation services
Deschênes can quickly deliver a detailed and accurate estimation for your project.

Delivery services
We provide next-day delivery of all orders in stock.

Turnkey services
Have a project you need to manage?
Deschênes can offer a helping hand!

After-sales services
We’ll do whatever necessary for your full satisfaction.

Emergency services
The unexpected has happened and you need to act fast? We’re here to help!